7th World Congress on Fluency Disorders

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Delegates can book onto guided tours for Tours, leaving the Vinci International Convention Center at 1:30pm on Tuesday 3 July and will return to the Vinci at 7:30pm in time for the gala dinner.
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Attendance at this meeting will enable to you to:

  • Learn from internationally renowned researchers in a comprehensive and wide-ranging programme covering all aspects of fluency disorders, speech therapy, speech pathology, stuttering and technology
  • Familiarize yourself with the current state of research and learn about the challenges to future discovery
  • Network with the editors of the leading journals, meet with international colleagues, visit the trade stands and make new alliances
  • Gain more CEUs through attending this congress

Watch the video to find out why you should attend!

In this video Willie Botteril, President of the IFA, outlines the key themes of the 2012 Congress, exciting activities, the greater context of the meeting and the exciting programme awaiting the delegates of the 7th World Congress on Fluency Disorders, in Tours, France this summer.

The 7th World Congress on Fluency Disorders (WCFD) is dedicated to exploring stuttering and its subtypes in the light of new information that has emerged from recent research. The aim of the congress is to discuss the impact this has on diagnostic and assessment procedures, treatments and professional education. The meeting will create a unique forum for practitioners, researchers, clinicians and people who stutter/clutter (PWS/C) to share new practices, knowledge, experiences and ideas. Held once every three years the WCFD is the official conference of the International Fluency Association (IFA).

The goal of the 2012 congress is to provide everyone attending with an opportunity to learn about the latest theories, research and therapies within the field and to encourage the dissemination of new ideas and methodologies. The open discussion format of the meeting will broaden our collective understanding and will hopefully lead to better treatment options for our clients both old and young.

Special sessions will be organised for cluttering, phonetics and linguistics. There will also be sessions and workshops available for PWS/Cs to present their topics of interest.

The conference will bring together practitioners, researchers, clinicians, people who stutter and other interested parties to discuss theoretical, empirical, clinical and cultural issues related to fluency disorders.


  • Stuttering subtyping
  • Cluttering and other fluency disorders
  • New developments in neurophysiology and genetics
  • Implications for clinical practice and treatment
  • Therapies
  • Phonetic and linguistic aspects of stuttering
  • The emotional aspects of stuttering
  • Pharmacology of stuttering
  • Contributions from PWS/C
  • Professional education worldwide
  • The spread of knowledge

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Journal of Fluency Disorders